Application of modern plating technology

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The development of electroplating technology has become a very important modern processing technology, and the functional use of electroplating has become more and more extensive, especially in the fields of electronics industry, communication, military industry, aerospace, etc., and a large number of functional electroplating technologies have been adopted. Plating can not only be plated with beautiful metal plating. It can also be plated with various binary alloys, ternary alloys, quaternary alloys; composite coatings, nanomaterials can be made; can be plated on metal materials, or non-metal Electroplating on the material. The industrial application of these technologies is inseparable from the application of electroplating additive technology and electroplating new material technology in electroplating solution formulation technology.

According to the incomplete juice, there are more than 60 kinds of industrial coatings available, and there are more than 20 single metal coatings, including almost all common metals or rare metals. There are more than 40 alloy coatings, but more than 240 alloys are under study. Alloy plating technology greatly enriches and extends the concept of alloys in metallurgy. Many alloys that are difficult to obtain from metallurgical methods are available by electroplating, and electroplating has proven to be one of the important processing methods for obtaining nanoscale metallic materials. In addition to alloy coatings, some composite coatings have also played a role in various industrial fields. For example, diamond composite coatings have been used in drilling tools for many years. Now, not only diamond, silicon carbide, alumina and other new hard particles can be used as a composite plating material to obtain a composite coating using nickel, copper, iron or the like as a carrier. At the same time, in addition to hard materials can be used as composite coating materials. Self-lubricating composite coatings have also been successfully developed, such as polytetrafluoroethylene composite coating, graphite composite coating, molybdenum disulfide composite plating, etc. have been successfully applied to various machinery. equipment. There are more unconventional composite coatings that have been or are being developed, including biocomposite coatings, luminescent composite coatings, nanocomposite coatings, and the like.

Research and development of electroplating technology is not limited to plating solutions, formulations and additives. Great progress has also been made in the development of physical factors such as power supplies, anodes, and automatic controls.

Pulsed power supplies have been commonly used for precious metal plating, magnetic fields, ultrasonics, lasers, etc., which are used to influence the plating process to alter the performance of the plating layer. Automatic intelligent production lines for special products are also available. More environmentally friendly technologies and equipment are also being patented. The plating composition automatic analysis and addition system has been developed and has application examples. The automatic addition of brighteners, anode materials, etc. has long been mature technology applicable.

These have proven that electroplating technology not only plays an important role in the surface protection and decoration of modern industrial products, but also plays an important role in acquiring or enhancing the functionality of the product. Despite the environmental protection problems that have limited the application of electroplating technology, it is at least impossible to completely replace or eliminate electroplating technology. In the future, with the further development of surface technology, it is believed that the electroplating technology itself can change the environmental pollution problems existing in the electroplating industry with more environmentally friendly technologies and products.

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