Basic knowledge of plating

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Basic knowledge of plating

What is the role of the plating layer?

1. Improve the corrosion resistance of metal parts in the use environment.

2. The appearance of the decorative parts makes them bright and beautiful.

3. Improve the working performance of the parts, such as hardness, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic properties, heat resistance and so on.

What are the requirements for the plating?

1. The plating layer and the substrate, including the plating layer and the substrate, should have a good bonding force.

2. The coating should have a relatively uniform thickness and a fine structure on the main surface of the part.

3. The coating should have a specified thickness and as few voids as possible.

4. The coating shall have specified specifications such as surface roughness, hardness, color and salt spray test resistance.

What is cathodic and anodic plating?

Cathodic coating means that the potential of the coating is positive at the potential of the base metal under certain conditions.

One type of coating, and vice versa. Determining which coating is applied to the coating should be determined by the difference between the potential of the coating under the medium conditions and the potential of the base metal.

Select the desired plating type according to the purpose of plating

1. Protective coating: The main function is to protect the base metal from corrosion, and does not stipulate the decorative requirements of the product, such as galvanizing and cadmium plating.

2. Protection - decorative coating: In addition to protecting the base metal, it also makes the parts beautiful, such as nickel plating, nickel/chromium plating, copper plating/nickel/chromium, etc.

3. Functional coating: In addition to a certain protective effect, it is mainly used for special work purposes, such as tin plating, silver plating, hard chrome, etc.

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