Black passivation of zinc-nickel alloy plating

- Oct 17, 2018 -

Zinc-nickel alloy coating has strong corrosion resistance, and a dense and stable film is formed on the surface after passivation. This class greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the coating and increases the surface gloss and anti-pollution ability.

After the passivation treatment, different contents of chromic anhydride and different components of the passivation solution and different processes can be used to obtain the passivation film with different corrosion resistance and different colors, such as iridescent, blue-white, olive, Hues of blue, yellow and black. Among the many colors, black has solemn and elegant charm and special effects, and the black passivation film also has medium and above corrosion resistance, and has certain application value in optical instruments, instrumentation, household appliances, military and other industries.

ZN-300, a product of Wuhan Fengfan Electroplating International Trading Co., Ltd., is a trivalent chromium black passivator used after galvanizing. It forms a uniform black passivation layer on the zinc-nickel alloy. It contains trivalent chromium compounds but does not contain hexavalent chromium and fluoride. ZN-300 should be used with subsequent sealants (such as the Schloetter SLOTOFIN series) to further enhance corrosion resistance and make the black coating look more shiny.

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