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It should be composed of a variety of surfactants, osmotic agents and solvents. The coating is usually used on the metal surface to improve the polishing efficiency. The main function is to remove the oil stain on the metal surface, oxidize and unoxidized surface impurities through the active surface, and to maintain the external cleanliness, gloss and color fastness of the object. In the process of killing and finishing with the object, the grinding agent itself takes part in the chemical reaction, participates in the rolling grinding, maintains the friction force between the object and the material, and improves the surface gloss and brightness of the object or parts. In addition, vibration abrasives can regulate water. In order to soften water quality, to give full play to water buffering and washing, to avoid or reduce the sharp impact between workpieces, workpieces and grinding blocks, scratches, deformation or breakage, etc.


1.can remove surface oxides, dross and other substances.

2.increase the surface gloss, improve the product surface polish.

3.will not cause pollution to the product and the environment, use safely.

The efficacy of brighteners 

1. High quality processing. High speed, obvious effect, the finished parts surface shine, can solve the problem that manual polishing can not be solved. And to your next process to provide a better foundation.

2. The hardware processed by the gloss agent can effectively remove burr, and can make the chamfer more smooth, improve the precision and enhance the gloss of the workpiece. Strengthen grinding force in process and reduce workpiece oxidation. At the same time, the appearance of ordinary accessories more beautiful and smooth, service life and product value-added significantly increased.

3. It has the advantages of multifunction, rust removal, oil removal, oxide removal, rust prevention, cleaning, and polishing It can greatly simplify the operation procedure and directly reduce the production cost.

Development and Application of Brightener 

With the development of science and technology, brighteners are also used in more and more industries. In addition to industry, food, decoration and other industries, brighteners are also used in agricultural production. For example, the fertilizer brightener developed by domestic enterprises, wrapped in inert material on the surface of fertilizer, not only increases the brightness and hardness of fertilizer, but also plays the function of slowly releasing nutrients and improving fertilizer utilization efficiency. Suitable for coloring and surface bright treatment of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and all kinds of compound fertilizer. It only needs to be added in the roller cooling process after fertilizer granulation, which is convenient and quick, and greatly improves the convenience of fertilizer production. . At present, there are many organizations about the formulation analysis of brightener in our country, among which many use "microspectral analysis" technology to analyze the formulation of brightener, which will provide a shortcut for the development of brightener.

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