Characteristics of trivalent Chromium passivation

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Trivalent chromium passivation time than the six-price chromium long, dissolved in the zinc coating is relatively large, so require a thicker galvanized layer.

The trivalent chromium passivation membrane has compact structure. In order to prevent corrosion caused by passivation film, closed treatment should be used to avoid the injury of parts.

Trivalent chromium color passivation film and black passivation film than hexavalent chromium passivation film corrosion resistance, trivalent chromium blue-white passivation film corrosion resistance and hexavalent chromium blue-white passivation film difference.

Trivalent Chromium passivation film has better heat resistance than hexavalent chromium passivation film.

Trivalent Chromium passivation Liquid has a longer life than hexavalent chromium.

Trivalent Chromium passivation Solution allows a narrow ph range, and is not very stable, need to constantly determine the adjustment. It is best to use automatic dosing machine to add.

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