Copper plating process pollution analysis

- Sep 05, 2018 -

The copper plating process pollutants mainly include cyanide-containing wastewater, copper-containing wastewater, acid-base wastewater, organic wastewater and electroplating wastewater. Copper plating wastewater is mainly derived from the process of plating parts after copper plating, filter cleaning and plate cleaning. The water quality of copper plating wastewater is shown in the table below. The exhaust gas mainly includes acid waste gas (acid mist), alkaline waste gas (alkaline mist), cyanide waste gas and formaldehyde waste gas, etc., acid mist/alkali mist and the like come from the copper plating tank, and the cyanide waste gas comes from the cyanide copper plating tank, organic The exhaust gas comes from an electroless copper bath and requires ventilation and treatment equipment. The electroplating waste liquid mainly includes an electroplating liquid which is aged and discarded, a residual liquid discharged from a plating tank, and a waste residue generated by filtration of the plating liquid, and the electroplating waste liquid is a hazardous waste. The waste category is HW17 and should be disposed of in accordance with the national regulations.

Main pollutants in copper plating process


Major pollutant

Exhaust gas

Waste water

Solid waste




Fluorine-free alkaline copper plating

Alkali mist

Copper organic phosphonate

Copper-containing waste liquid

Sulfate copper plating

Acid mist

Copper sulfate, sulfuric acid and some brighteners

Copper-containing waste liquid

Pyrophosphate plating

Alkali mist

Copper pyrophosphate, potassium pyrophosphate, potassium citrate, ammonia triacetic acid, etc., as well as some additives, brighteners, etc.

Copper-containing waste liquid

HEDP copper plating

Alkali mist

Copper sulfate, HEDP, potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, potassium hydroxide and some brighteners, etc.

Copper-containing waste liquid

Citric acid-tartrate copper plating

Alkali mist

Citric acid, which is potassium acid, sodium citrate and some additives, brighteners, etc.

Copper-containing waste liquid

Electroless copper plating

Alkali mist, organic waste gas

Copper sulfate, formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide and EDTA disodium salt

Copper-containing waste liquid

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