Current status of non-cyanide plating technology

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Cyanide as a complexing agent for complex plating solutions is an important raw material in the electroplating industry and is widely used in countries all over the world. However, cyanide is a highly toxic chemical, and its death toll is only 5 milligrams, and once absorbed, it cannot be cured. The cyanide content in the cyanide plating solution is less than ten grams, up to more than one hundred grams, and the amount of liquid in the working tank is as small as several tens of liters, as many as several thousand liters or even tens of thousands of liters, making these electroplating drainages Contains cyanide and pollutes the environment. In this regard, countries have introduced governance programs and set emission standards. The ultimate goal is to eliminate cyanide plating and replace this toxic process with other process technologies. This is why there is no cyanide plating.

China has been developing cyanide-free electroplating technology for more than 30 years, and achieved some results in the 1970s, but later eliminated it in actual production. Cyanide electroplating regained its momentum in the 1980s and 1990s. With the changes in China's industrial structure and the transfer of international processing industry, the amount of cyanide electroplating in China is increasing. It poses a serious threat to China's ecological environment. In addition, all aspects of cyanide production, transportation, storage, and use must be paid attention to safety, and there is no slight negligence. 

Therefore, the state has strict control over the sales and use of cyanide and has established a strict management system. This includes limiting until the outdated cyanide plating process is eliminated. In fact, the plating industry in various countries has never stopped research and development of cyanide-free plating. And with the advancement of related technologies, new electroplating additives or electroplating intermediates that did not exist in the electroplating market have further improved the quality of the existing cyanide-free electroplating process, such as alkaline cyanide-free galvanizing, which makes the original difficult. New progress has been made in the cyanide-free plating process, such as alkaline cyanide-free copper plating. There are also some types of plating-free cyanide-free plating processes that have been improved to varying degrees, but they have not completely replaced the cyanide-containing processes of these platings. In view of this situation, it is necessary to describe the current status of cyanide-free plating technology for reference by enterprises or units engaged in the application or development of cyanide-free plating technology.

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