Electroplating basics

- Aug 08, 2018 -


electroplating electroplating is a kind of electric ion deposition process, and is used by electric current, electrode that are attached to the surface of metal, the purpose to change the features on the surface of the object or size.

2. Electroplating purpose:

The substrate is plated with a metal coating to change the surface properties or dimensions of the substrate. For example, it imparts a lustrous appearance to the metal surface, rust prevention of the article, prevention of abrasion, improvement of electrical conductivity, lubricity, strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, carburization and nitriding of heat treatment, and repair of parts of size or wear.

3. Various gold plating methods:

Electroplating, electroless plating, hot dip, spray coating, plastic plating, dip plating, osmosis gold plating, cathode sputtering, vacuum ion plating, alloy plating, composite plating, partial plating, perforated plating, pen plating, electricity Cast.

4. Electroplating basics

Most of the electroplating is carried out under liquid, and most of them are electroplated in an aqueous solution. About 30 kinds of metals can be electroplated by aqueous solution, for example: copper Cu, nickel Ni, chromium Cr, zinc Zn, cadmium Cd", lead Pb, gold. Au, silver Ag, platinum Pt, cobalt Co, manganese Mn, strontium Sb, bismuth, mercury Hg, gallium Ga, indium In, bismuth, As, Se, Te, Pd, Mn, Re, Rh, Os, Ir, Nb , W, and so on.

Some metals must be electroplated from non-aqueous solutions such as lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, aluminum, La, Ti, Zr, Ge, Mo, and the like. Electroplating metals which can be used from aqueous solutions and non-aqueous solutions are: copper, silver, zinc, cadmium, ruthenium, osmium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, and the like. It also includes the following items: solution properties, material reactions, chemical formulas, electrochemical, interface physicochemical properties.

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