Equipment required for electroplating

- Jun 27, 2018 -

The equipment needed for electroplating is mainly the rectifier power supply.

Plating bath, anode and power wire, as well as bath prepared according to a certain formula. For electroplating processes to be of scientific or industrial value, electroplating processes need to be controlled, that is to say, electroplating should be carried out in accordance with certain technological processes and technological requirements, and certain auxiliary and managerial equipment, such as, Filter, heating or cooling equipment, laboratory equipment, testing equipment, etc.

power rectifier

Compared with other industrial technologies, electroplating equipment is not only very simple, but also very flexible. Take the power supply as an example, as long as the device can provide DC electricity, it can be used as electroplating power source, from battery to DC generator. From bridge stack to silicon rectifier, from thyristor to switch power supply, are available for electroplating. The power can be determined either by the surface area of the product or by the current power supply.

Of course, more reliable silicon rectifier is used in the formal electroplating process, and the main index is the current value and adjustable range, and the voltage varies from 0 ~ 18V with the current. Single-phase or three-phase input can be selected according to power level, moisture proof and heat dissipation. Industrial electroplating power generally ranges from 10A to several thousand amps, and is usually designed in advance according to the need of production capacity. It is better to use single tank and not one power supply to supply more than one plating bath. If only in the laboratory to do the experiment, then the use of 5 1 OA small experimental rectifier power supply.

In 1993, the Ministry of Mechanical Industry of our country organized experts to compile the standard of rectifying equipment for electroplating, JB / T1504-1993, and made relevant regulations on the type, specifications and technical parameters of electroplating rectifiers designed and produced in China. With the development of power science and technology, the design and manufacture of rectifier power supply has been greatly improved. Many electroplating power sources have been developed to multi-function, high-power, small volume and so on. Automatic commutation, adjustable pulse, smooth adjustment and so on are already common functions.

plating bath

The plating bath for electroplating includes the special tank body used in each process of electroplating production. Not only electroplating tanks, but also oil removal tanks, pickling tanks and cleaning tanks, activation tanks, post-treatment passivation tanks, hot water tanks, etc. As electroplating tanks are still non-standard equipment, the size and size of the equipment with great flexibility. As small as beaker, or as large as a pool, it can be used as a plating bath, because as long as the plating bath can be installed without losing the device, it can be used as a plating bath. That is, the plating bath used in the actual electroplating industry is also varied, and there is no uniform standard. This situation is detrimental to strengthening electroplating management.


Electroplating enterprises, largely based on capacity to determine their size, such as the 500LU 800LU I 000L 2000L to 1000L 20000L plating tanks are available. The length, width and height are also determined by the manufacturers themselves according to the product size and workshop size. Therefore, even if the plating tank of the same capacity, its shape size is not necessarily the same.

The materials used for the plating bath are also various, useful FRP, hard PVC, soft PVC lined with steel plates, brick-concrete structures then lined with soft PVC, or trenches built by digging holes on the ground. There are even granite chiseled plating grooves, many of which are of course non-standard, but they are a real situation in the electroplating industry in China.

With the foreign investors entering the electroplating market of our country, the advanced electroplating equipments and tank bodies of foreign countries have also begun to appear in the electroplating enterprises of our country. At the same time, there have been many professional electroplating equipment manufacturers, and the production level of the electroplating bath has become higher and higher. It is believed that with the further deepening of the reform of the market economy, the cooperation of electroplating equipment manufacturers, industry associations and standardization organizations will be an important contribution to electroplating management. At the same time, other parts of the production line are also manufactured in the form of standard parts, and flexible control system is used for the residence time and process parameters of the plating bath parts.

As for the use of plating bath, according to the operation of electroplating production and different ways. The production line is arranged in a straight line according to the manual operation. In the arrangement, there will be multiple plating seeds and various cleaning tanks and pretreatment tanks at the same time. The other is arranged by the plating seed, each plating seed is a line. Also according to local conditions according to the site space and plating tank size, in the case of mechanical automatic production line, it is basically arranged according to the technological process, and requires a large space as well as preparation and auxiliary work space.

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