How to prevent rusting of decorative electroplating furniture?

- Oct 15, 2018 -

1. Do not place the electroplated furniture in a damp place, or use a damp cloth to polish the furniture. When washing the surface of an electroplated folding chair or sofa with soapy water or washing powder, try not to wet the metal plating. Otherwise, the plating and lacquer pieces are easily peeled off and rusted. 2. When it is found that there are yellow-brown reticular spots on the surface of the plated parts, it can be wiped regularly with a neutral oil to prevent the plaque from continuing to expand and the plating protection layer to degenerate and rust.

3. For rusted electroplating furniture, rust should be removed in time, but do not use sandpaper to polish. Small plated parts can be placed in a basin filled with organic oil for one night. Large plated parts can be applied to the rust with a brush or cotton gauze oil. After a while, wipe back and forth several times to remove the rust.

4, usually apply anti-rust agent on the plated parts, can play a role of anti-rust.

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