Mature cyanide-free plating process - copper plating

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Cyanide copper plating is mainly used as a pre-plated copper layer on steel products to prevent displacement coating, and is also the bottom plating layer of other coatings, which has good dispersing ability and good adhesion to the substrate. However, cyanide copper plating is not only the use of cyanide, but also heating, so there have been people trying to develop products to replace it. Prevalent in foreign countries is pyrophosphate copper plating, which can be plated on the steel substrate with good adhesion, and the crystal is finer than cyanide copper plating. Because its PH value is lower than that of cyanide copper plating, it is specially used for combination. On substrates such as zinc and aluminum.

Nowadays, cyanide-free copper plating, which is aimed at replacing cyanide copper plating, is an alkaline cyanide-free copper plating process. Electroplating companies at home and abroad have already launched their products in advertising. Due to advances in surfactant technology, it has been possible to develop an alkaline copper plating process similar to that which has been used in the past with high-efficiency surfactants. Since the product has been launched, it is only a matter of time to use it for actual production.

Another major system of copper plating is bright acid copper plating, which cannot be used as a process to replace cyanide copper plating because it cannot be directly plated on steel. However, there has recently been an introduction of an acid copper plating process that can be directly plated on steel, which is an example of a highly effective surfactant application suitable for acidic conditions. There are also technologies to develop other cyanide-free pre-plating processes to replace cyanide copper plating, such as HEDP copper plating.

Since there are several options for cyanide-free copper plating, and there are already mature processes in the industry, it is just around the corner to eliminate cyanide copper plating.

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