Mechanism of Derusting agent

- Feb 06, 2018 -

After the rust inhibitor is soaked in the steel, the rust agent penetrates into the steel surface along the cracks of the rust layer and impurity layer, which dissolves and spalling the rust layer and impurity layer. Many kinds of raw materials in rust remover are adsorbed on the steel surface, rust layer and the layer, in the solid/liquid interface of the formation of diffusion of the double layer, because the rust layer and steel surface with the same charge, resulting in mutual exclusion, and the rust layer, impurities and oxide skin from the steel surface off.

The hydrochloric acid in the rust remover can clean the steel surface, improve the pickling effect, and increase the speed of pickling. In the recycling of rust remover, in order to further improve the rust rate and eliminate odor, can add citric acid, hydrochloric acid into the activator. Citric acid can be medium and iron ions. Hydrochloric acid can increase the energy of acids.

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