Nickel plating, bath recovery and plating rinsing

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Nickel plating, plating solution recovery and plating rinsing: use high-purity anode (nickel beads) to reduce the concentration of impurities in the plating solution; reduce the amount of liquid discharged from the plating parts; carry out the recovery of the plating solution; increase the circulation filter pump, increase the nickel plating tank Circulating filtration system, each tank is equipped with a circulating filter pump to remove impurities in the plating tank, keep the plating solution clear, prolong the service life of the plating solution; use a low concentration plating solution for the plating tank; install a new automatic dosing system to reduce plating The amount of additives in the liquid; for the preparation of pure water, the reinforced membrane device is cleaned on-line to improve the water production capacity; the concentrated water is used for exhaust gas purification; the production management, the equipment inspection and maintenance are strengthened; the level of technicians and managers is improved; Employee technical operation level; improve employees' awareness of environmental protection and clean production; encourage employees to actively participate in cleaner production.

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