Nine major application fields of alloy catalysis

- Jun 25, 2018 -

1.aviation industry


After catalytic treatment, the workpiece still has excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance under extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure.


2.Automobile industry


Chains, gears, radiators and other complex workpieces can also be catalytic treatment.


3.Textile industry


Rust-proof, smooth surface, non-adhesive properties are widely used.


4.Mechanical equipment


High hardness after catalysis, good wear resistance, suitable for high strength repeated friction.


5.Hardware industry


High-end performance, low and controllable price.


6.Electronic electrician


Do not peel, do not fall off, do not change the original size, do not affect the conductivity.


7.Petroleum chemical industry


It has excellent corrosion resistance to petroleum and natural gas environment containing sulfides and corrosion media such as acid, alkali and salt.


8.Motorcycle, electric, bicycle accessories


Anti-corrosion requirements can be satisfied, radiators and other complex workpieces can also be catalytic treatment.


9.Medical instruments


More than 80% of the food grade raw materials, in line with the food industry standards, up to the European Union SGS standards.

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