Role of Electroplating Tin

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Electro-tin coating is widely used in food processing equipment and containers, as well as shipping equipment, pump parts, bearings, valves, automotive pistons, tinned copper wire and CP line, electronic components and printed circuit boards. The application of tin coating in food processing industry is due to its non-toxic properties, good ductility (toughness) and corrosion resistance. The excellent ductility of tin plating can make tin plated metal plate can be processed into various shapes without damaging the tin coating, tin coating used to protect the steel plate must be no pores, otherwise, in the humid air, the base plate will be seriously corroded.


Tin cans: Because of the non-toxic tin coating, a large number of in contact with food and beverages in the object. The largest use is to make tin cans, other such as kitchen utensils, food knives and forks, ovens and so on;

Electrical and electronic industry: because Tin easy to weld, conductive good, widely used in electrical appliances and electronic parts to be welded;

Copper wire: Improve the weldability of copper wire and wall barrier between copper wire and insulating skin;

Activity: Because of the soft tin, can prevent scratches, as a solid lubricant;

Prevent steel nitriding.

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