Silver coating was first used in decoration

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Silver plated silver-plated layer is easy to polish, has a strong reflective ability and good thermal conductivity, conductive, welding performance. Silver coating was first used in decoration. In the electronics industry, communication configuration and instrumentation manufacturing, silver plating is widely used to reduce the resistance of metal parts and improve the welding ability of metal. Otherwise, the metal reflector in the searchlight and other reflectors also needs to be silver-plated.

Electroplated Silver plating is used to guard against corruption, increasing conductivity, reflective and both elegance. Widely used in electrical appliances, instrumentation, instrumentation and lighting appliances and other manufacturing industries. Electrical, instrumentation and other industries also accept cyanide-free silver plating. Electroplating liquid with thiosulfate, ferrous sulfate, thiocyanate, ferrous cyanide and so on. In order to prevent the silver coating discoloration, usually after plating treatment, often dipped, chemical and electrochemical passivation, plated with precious metals or a number of metal or coating surrounding layer.

The bile in our daily hot kettle is treated with electroless silver plating. As the silver coating is bright reflective, the heat generated by the infrared radiation can be very good reflection back to achieve better insulation effect. So the silver-plated hot kettle has a better insulation effect.

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