The application of nickel plating is very wide

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Electroplating nickel layer in the air stability is very high, because the metal nickel has the very strong passivation ability, on the surface can quickly produce one layer of extremely thin passivation film, can resist the atmosphere, the alkali and some acid corrosion.

Nickel electroplating is extremely small and has excellent polishing properties. The polished nickel coating can get a mirror-like gloss, while in the atmosphere can maintain its luster for a long time. Therefore, electroplating layer is often used for decoration.

Nickel coating of high hardness, can improve the wear resistance of the product surface, in the printing industry commonly used nickel coating to improve the hardness of the lead surface. Because of the high chemical stability of nickel, some chemical equipment is also used in thick nickel coating to prevent corrosion by the medium.

The application of nickel plating is very wide, can be used as a protective decorative coating, in steel, zinc die castings, aluminum alloy and copper alloy on the surface, protect the substrate material from corrosion or light decorative effect, also often as the intermediate coating of other coatings.

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