The nature and use of common plating

- Aug 02, 2018 -

1. Zinc coating: The zinc coating is anodized to steel parts under atmospheric conditions. After color passivation, the coating performance is improved and the appearance is improved. It is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel parts. Its coating price is low, corrosion resistance is excellent, and the application amount is wide.

2. Cadmium plating: cadmium plating in the environment of ocean and high temperature atmosphere, the anode part of the steel parts, the coating is relatively stable, the polarity coating, the coating is relatively stable, the corrosion resistance is strong, the lubrication performance is good, in the aviation and electronics industry. More applications.

3. Tin plating: The tin plating layer is a cathodic coating on steel parts. Therefore, the steel parts can be mechanically protected from corrosion only when the coating has no porosity. It has high chemical stability, hardly works with sulfur and sulfides, and has good welding performance and shielding against nitriding.

4. Copper plating: Copper plating is a cathodic coating on metals such as zinc and iron. It is often used on steel or some plastics as the bottom or middle layer of copper/nickel protection-decorative coating. It can also be used in printed circuits and electricity. Molding and other aspects.

5. Nickel plating: Nickel coating is a cathodic coating on steel parts. It has high hardness, high corrosion resistance than copper, alkali resistance and acid resistance. Commonly used for copper/chromium/nickel protection of steel parts - intermediate layer of decorative coating and pre-plating before acid copper plating.

6. Chromium plating: The chrome plating is an cathodic coating on steel parts. It has high heat resistance, good hardness at normal temperature, good wear resistance and strong light reflectivity. It is widely used to improve the wear resistance, light reflectivity and repair size and decoration of parts.

7. Silver plating: Silver plating is a cathode coating for common metals. It has excellent electrical and soldering properties and stable chemical properties. It is mainly used for conductive parts and solder joints in the electrical industry, and also for protective-decorative coatings、Musical instruments, tableware, optical instruments and crafts.

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