What are the advantages of cyanide-free alkaline bright copper plating?

- Oct 23, 2018 -

Cyanide-free alkaline bright copper plating can completely replace the traditional cyanide copper plating process and bright copper plating process, and is suitable for any metal substrate: pure copper, copper alloy, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy die casting, aluminum, aluminum alloy workpiece, etc. On the substrate, it can be plated or barrel plated.

Economic benefits: The overall cost is reduced by more than 30%, the low cylinder and operating costs are reduced, the wastewater treatment cost is reduced, and the traditional bright acid copper process is reduced.

2, superior product features: uniform coating, compact, soft, bright, and a good bond with the substrate; super deep plating and high coverage, walking position is better than cyanide copper plating process, no metal displacement reaction. Deposition rate: hanging plating: plating speed 2-3 microns for 1 minute; barrel plating: plating speed 8 micrometers and 25 minutes; Copper ions are monovalent copper, not divalent copper. The bath has a long life and is suitable for mass production. DC power supply (about 0.2 - 2A per square decimeter). Alkaline working solution (pH 7 - 9). After neutralization and activation with dilute acid, other coatings can be applied to the coating of NCBC990, such as alkali nickel, bright nickel, silver, and the like. Environmentally friendly products, which do not contain highly toxic cyanide, are safe to operate and can also reduce wastewater treatment costs. It can withstand high temperature heat treatment without leaving the layer, and the rejection rate is low. Has a good electromagnetic shielding effect. The existing cyanide copper plating equipment can be cleaned and directly used to prepare the process, without re-inputting the equipment. The plating liquid maintenance management method is the conventional titration analysis and Hershey slotting; the bath stability and coating quality are better than the copper pyrophosphate plating process. Up to RoHS standards.

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