Brief Introduction To Ammonium Thiocyanate

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Ammonium thiocyanate, colorless crystalline. Isha solution. Soluble in water and ethanol, soluble in methanol and acetone, almost insoluble in chloroform and ethyl acetate. The aqueous solution is red in the solution of ferric salts, and there is no reaction when the ferrous salts are met. When the drying product is heated to 159 ℃, it does not decompose and melts, and when the heat is 170 ℃, the molecule converts to thiourea.

Appearance and character: colorless glossy single oblique crystal series or columnar crystals, in 92 ℃ for Diamond. Soluble in water, dissolved in water is endothermic reaction, soluble in ethanol, alkali metal hydroxide, acetone, pyridine and liquid sulfur dioxide, difficult to dissolve in chloroform (methylene chloride). The solution is red in sunlight.

Ammonium thiocyanate is used in the inorganic industry to manufacture cyanide, thiocyanate, ferrous cyanide, thiourea and auxiliary materials for the production of hydrogen peroxide. The organic industry is used as a catalyst for polymerization. The pharmaceutical industry is used in the synthesis and separation process of antibiotic production. The electroplating industry is used for galvanizing. The printing and dyeing industry is used as diffusion agent. The pesticide industry is used for manufacturing Yeqingquan. The iron and steel industry is used to dispose of acid leaching agents. Analytical chemistry used silver, mercury, trace iron determination, pesticide nitrogen content analysis, water quality analysis, the allocation of thiocyanate standard solution.

Ammonium thiocyanate can be used as a blackening agent in black nickel electrolyte and in analytical chemistry for determination of iron and silver plasma in electrolytic solution.

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