Brightener Is An Important Fine Chemical Product

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Brightener is a kind of organic compound which can improve the whiteness of fiber fabric and paper. Also known as optical whitening agent, fluorescent whitening agent. Fabric, and so often due to the inclusion of colored impurities and yellow, in the past by the chemical bleaching method for decolorization, the use of the product to add whitening methods.

The role of the whitening agent is the absorption of the products of invisible ultraviolet radiation into the purple-blue fluorescent radiation, and the original yellow radiation mutually complementary to become white light, improve the product in the daylight of whiteness. Brightener has been widely used in textile, paper, washing powder, soap, rubber, plastics, pigments and paints and so on.

As an important fine chemical product, fluorescent whitening agent in industry has a wide range of applications and good market prospects at home and abroad many scientists are committed to the study of fluorescent brightener, the main research direction is the development of fluorescence does not fade, raw materials easy to be synthesized, simple, non-polluting and other practical strong fluorescent brightener.

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