Derusting Agent Has Excellent Performance

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Ferrous metal (steel) in the outdoor or open conditions easy to rust, not only affect the appearance of quality, but also affect the painting, bonding and other processes of normal, such as not timely treatment, will result in the scrap of materials, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

Rust Remover is also known as pine Rust Agent, the main role is to loosen rusty fasteners, lubrication can not be removed fasteners, easy to remove rusty fasteners. It can form a lasting anti-corrosion protection on the surface of the bare metal to prevent the formation of new rust. Rust Remover is also ideal lubrication coolant, suitable for stainless steel, aluminum plate surface tapping thread. It can also effectively clean and dry electronic equipment, improve conduction performance.

It can be widely used in manufacturing, construction, repair, transportation, energy, electricity, oil and mining and other industries, applicable to machinery and equipment, vehicles, ships, ordnance, hardware tools, construction templates, metal parts and other steel rust. Its superior performance will bring you unexpected convenience and benefits.

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