Electroplating Products In Life

- Feb 06, 2018 -

In order to better use metal products, the surface of the metal surface protection and decoration is a conventional approach, so as to improve the wear resistance of metal products, corrosion resistance and beauty and other functional requirements, electroplating is one of the most widely used in the process.

Electroplating technology has developed to today, has become a very important modern processing technology, metal surface protection and decorative processing means, it can be said that the current 90% of metal surface treatment technology applied to electroplating technology, around us everywhere.

Decorative electroplating: Mainly plumbing equipment, lighting, electronic components, car wheels, motorcycle accessories, glasses industry accessories, sanitary ware, household appliances, mechanical products such as decorative parts, such as product parts or accessories require decorative chrome plating to improve the protection of products.

Hard Chromium plating: used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, hardware tools products and friction products, such as cylinders, piston rings, mainly in order to improve the hardness of products, enhance the wear resistance of products.

Galvanized: Mainly electronic devices, household appliances, hardware products, locks, mechanical products, all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, etc., in order to improve the protection of products using galvanized.

Electroless nickel Plating: products are mainly used in the protection of magnetic materials, precision electronic devices, automatic control parts, mobile phone parts, machinery parts, automotive parts protection.

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